A toddler eating Organix snacks with some animated lemons, limes and sparkles around her
Toddler tips & advice
Discover helpful toddler tips and advice on everything from nutrition, portion size and fussy eating.
A toddler eating

Diet & nutrition guide

Knowing what your little explorer should be having in their diet, from good nutrients to the perfect portion size can be confusing.

Find out what Eating Well means here.
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A toddler smiling and eating a snack

Fussy eating

Cooking, growing & eating good food can all help with fussy eaters. Discover useful tips and fun recipes for fussy eaters here.
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A toddler eating some fruit


Toddlers only have little tummies, so needs snacks to help keep them going. Learn how to create yummy, nutrition-packed toddler snacks here.
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Two toddlers sitting and playing together

Portion size tips & chart

Unsure how much your toddler should be eating? We have put together this handy guide and our top tips to help you out.

Find out what the recommended serving sizes for toddlers are here.
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A toddler smiling in front of a table with some red peppers

How to get toddlers to eat vegetables

Do your little ones refuse their greens? Don't worry it can take toddlers time to get used to the bitter taste of veggies.

Up their veg intake with these useful tips.
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A smiling baby holding some food

How to teach toddlers to feed themselves

As your little one grows so does their independence, once they've mastered their pincer grip you can hand over more control to them.

Find handy self-feeding tips on how to begin and advice here.
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A toddler sitting on a high chair, crying with his hand stretched out

Toddler not eating

Has your toddler stopped eating, or is refusing food? Don't worry we have put together our top tips to help.

Find out why your toddler might be refusing to eat here.
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