A toddler smiling in front of a table with some red peppers
Fussy toddler, meals, recipes and tips
Discover top tips to get your fussy toddler trying new and healthy foods with the help of our fun activities and recipes.
Just when you thought you knew what your toddler likes to eat they take matters into their own hands - refusing their fave meals or being too busy running about to want to sit at the table. We’ve pulled together our top tips, tasty advice & ideas to help.


Put the fun into experimenting with food to help little ones love fruit and veg!
Child outdoors in the garden eating a grapefruit

Top Tips

Little one’s tastes change so keep offering new foods.

Prepare your little one for what’s to come on their plate.

Be patient and leave plenty of time for meals.

Don’t force them to eat something they don’t like.

Give lots of praise for eating, even if it is just a little.

Don’t give up! Remember it can take 10-15 tries, so keep trying.
A toddler watering some plants with a watering can

Learning about food

Try growing some food at home or encourage your little one to help wash veggies or peel a banana. Exploring food without eating it will take the pressure off and they can discover fruit and veggies for themselves.
A hand holding some leafy greens

Pop to the shop

Next time you’re at the supermarket, spend time in the fresh section allowing your little one to touch and ask questions. Get them to choose a new fruit or veg to take home, explore and experiment with.
A toddler's hand picking up a strawberry

Getting hands on

Cut up grapes, grapefruits and have fun looking at what they’re like inside. Activities like these that get your little one to touch new foods is a fun distraction and helps reduce their anxiety of new textures.
A toddler and an adult baking together

Cook together

Keep it simple with your little chef, choose recipes where they can get involved.

Toddler not eating?

Has your toddler stopped eating, or is refusing food? Don't worry we have put together our top tips to help here.