Baby in a kitchen, on a highchair, eating food being fed by mother
Weaning and advice
Whether you're expecting a baby, about to embark on your baby's weaning journey or you'd like to learn more about how to help your toddler enjoy a great variety of food, we're here to support you every step of the way.
Pregnant lady chopping scrumptious vegetables


Did you know a little one’s first 1000 days are the most significant for their health and development?

So, mummies to be who eat a balanced and varied diet can really have a positive impact on their baby’s future health and eating habits. This can be a daunting thought, but we have pulled together some top tips and advice, so you can enjoy nurturing and nourishing your growing bump!
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A baby on a high chair being handed a spoon and a bowl of food


Once they get to around 6 months old your baby will start needing solid foods alongside their milk, (which is why weaning is often known as ‘complementary feeding’) to help teach them how to move food round their mouth, chew and swallow.

We're on hand for the wonders of weaning, from spotting the signs your little one is ready, to top tips on ways to wean and foods to avoid!
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Toddler eating a grapefruit


As your intrepid explorer changes into a toddler, mealtimes can start to get tricky!

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