Veggie seahorse fun plate

Veggie Seahorse Fun Plate

Age Suitability

12 months +





Cooking Time



What you need


A bag of Veggie Mini Mix Ups
1 tbsp of peas & sweet corn
1 cheese slice                
1 mini baby cucumber

Allergens warning

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Gluten free, Vegetarian
The veggie seahorse fun plate for toddlers is super easy to make, they will love getting involved! Made with fresh veg and our scrummy Veggie Mini Mix Ups.
Courgette slices


Slice the cheese into a large circle for the seahorse’s head, a mini circle for the eye, a small rectangle for the snout and a large rectangle for the body and tail, plus 3 mini stars (use shape cutters if you have them).

A plate of cucumber shapes, cheese shapes, peas, sweetcorn and a bag of Organix veggie mini mix ups

Place the cheese shapes to create the seahorse’s body. Starting with the large rectangle and curling the bottom for the tail. Then place the circle for the head and small rectangle for the snout.

Cheese shapes placed on a plate in the shape of a seahorse. A rectangular shape with a curled end makes the body, a circle with a small rectangular shape make the head and snout

To create the eye, slice a mini cucumber circle and add the mini cheese circle and top with a pea.  Add two pieces of sweetcorn for the seahorse’s fin.

A mini cucumber circle is topped with a mini cheese circle and a pea and placed on the seahorse's head to create an eye. Two pieces of sweetcorn are added to create the fin

Add our Veggie Mini Mix Ups to create the fun seahorse coronet shape. Then add 3 Veggie Mini Mix Ups ups to create the blowing bubbles.

The organix veggie mini mix ups are placed around the back of the seahorse to create a coronet shape and 3 veggie mini mix ups are placed above the seahorse's head to create bubbles

For the coral reef, add some more Veggie Mini Mix Ups and sliced cucumber along with peas and sweetcorn and top with the mini cheese stars.

To complete the veggie seahorse fun plate, sliced cucumber, peas, sweetcorn, mini cheese stars and veggie mini  mix ups are arranged at the bottom of the plate to create a coral reef

Serve on their own or in a bun with feta or goat cheese and your favourite toppings. 

a green broccoli floret
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