7 months +

Spooky Spider Fun Plate

Prep: Under 10 mins
Cooks in: N/A
Serves: 1


  • No Allergens

Suitable for:

  • Vegan


  • Vegetarian


  • No dairy

    No dairy

  • Gluten free

    Gluten free


3 Organix Summer Fruits Rice Cake Clouds
4 blackberries 
3 black grapes


  • No Allergens


Step 1

Crush 2 blackberries in a small bowl with the back of a fork and cut the other 2 blackberries in half. Use a clean paintbrush to paint a spiders web with the juice on a white plate. Older children will love to help!

Eat straight away!

step 1/4


Step 2

Place 3 Summer Fruits Rice Cake Clouds on to the web, then add a half blackberry spider body on top of each Rice Cake Cloud.

Eat straight away!

step 2/4


Step 3

Slice each grape in half from top to bottom, then slice each half into 4 thin spider legs.

Eat straight away!

step 3/4


Step 4

Add the legs to your spiders, then eat them up before they scurry away!

Eat straight away!

step 4/4


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