A plate of fruity bread fingers

Fruity Bread Fingers

Age Suitability

12 months +





Cooking Time



What you need


60g good-quality vegetable oil
125g runny honey
1 egg
125g carrots or apples or a mix of both
2 small bananas
180g self-raising flour
60g raisins, dried unsweetened cherries or dried unsweetened cranberries
1 tsp lemon or orange zest

Allergens warning

This product contains:
Eggs, Gluten, Wheat
This product is suitable for:
Vegetarian, No dairy
Our Fruity Bread Fingers are a tasty toddler snack you can make together. Getting them involved with simple recipes is a great way to engage them with food.


Preheat your oven to 180°C / 160°C fan, gas mark 4. Grate the carrots or apples, mash the banana and zest the orange/lemon. Mix the oil with the honey in a mixing bowl. Gradually beat in the egg. Mix in the carrots or apples, bananas and flour; add the raisins, cherries or cranberries and orange/lemon zest. 

A mixing bowl of oil, honey and eggs

Add a little extra flour, if necessary, until a spoon stands upright in the mixture. Turn the mixture into a lightly greased 18cm (7in) shallow, square cake tin and level the surface. Bake until golden brown, about 45 minutes. Cool slightly, and then lightly mark into fingers using a sharp knife. 

Fruity bread finger batter/mix in a baking tray

Bake until golden brown, about 45 minutes. Cool slightly, and then lightly mark into fingers using a sharp knife. Allow to cool completely in the tin, and then cut into fingers to serve.

Fruity bread fingers on a cooling rack

This recipe is a great idea for lunchboxes or a quick snack. Why not add some chopped tomatoes and cucumber sticks?

A peeled orange/clementine/satsuma next to some segments
Lemon wedges
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