Happy Dogs Fun Plate

Happy Dogs Fun Plate

Age Suitability

10 months +





Cooking Time



What you need


3 Organix apple rice cakes
¼ kiwi fruit peeled and cut into shards
6 slices of banana
3 raisins
3 blueberry halves 

Allergens warning

This product contains:
No allergens
This product is suitable for:
Vegetarian, Vegan, No dairy, Gluten free
Woof woof! Made with our Organix Rice Cakes, our Happy Dogs Fun plate recipe is perfect for baby led weaning. Plus it's Dairy and Gluten free.
slices of kiwi


Place the kiwi fruit pieces on the plate in a curved line for the grass. Add the 3 rice cakes to the plate above the kiwi ‘grass’.

Sliced kiwi pieces arranged on bottom of plate to create grass. Three mini rice cakes are arranged above the kiwi grass

Top each rice cake with a slice of banana. Cut 6 ear shapes from the remaining 3 banana slices and add to the plate.

Sliced bananas are placed onto centre of rice cakes. Halved banana slices are above the rice cakes, creating ears

Cut each raisin in half and add 2 halves to each rice cake for the eyes.

Halved raisins are placed in centre of rice cakes above the bananas, to create eyes

Cut the blueberries in half then finish your fun food plate with the blueberry halves for noses.

Halved blueberries are added to the centre of the banana slices to create noses

Sliced bananas
Two bananas
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