Weaning plan for 6, 7 and 10 month old babies

At 6 months, your baby may be ready to start weaning. Download our baby weaning schedule and tick off the foods you've tried in the chart. Don't worry if your little one doesn't like it the first time - it can take 10-15 tries before a baby accepts a new taste or flavour.

Download the 6 Month Weaning Schedule Here

When your little one is between 7-9 months old, they can start to try more textured foods like well cooked slices of egg or toasted soldiers. Print off our weaning food chart, tick off and note down what you have tried with your baby.

Download the 7-9 Month Weaning Schedule here

As your baby grows. you can try smaller, more chewy finger foods. Our baby led weaning chart for 10-12 month old babies shows the finger foods you can try with your little one, from dry cereals to slices of cheese and breadsticks.

Download the 10-12 Month Weaning Schedule here

Want to find out more about weaning?

For more advice on what to feed your baby, read our guide on the best foods for weaning as well as those to avoid. Also make sure to check out our recipes for even more inspiration!