We love great food text with two hands holding a straberry. Text is dark green and a beige textured background

Our principles

We make delicious and nutritious food with a short list of organic ingredients using nothing unnecessary; no added salt, artificial colours or flavours. We set the standard in what good food for children should be by increasing positive nutrition and reducing saturated fat, salt and sugar.

bag of organix kids choco mint mini flapjack bites with under 100 kcal sign next to it. illustrated pie chart image of a planetary health diet plate divided up into all food groups, 50% of plate is veg. A carrot and a rice cake overlapping an illustrated image of the earth with a spoon and fork either side of it. all of these images are layed out next to each other on a green background.

Our key priorities


*To remove Palm oil from our products - We’ve removed palm oil from five of our six recipes that contained palm oil and we’re reformulating the last remaining recipe so we will be palm oil free by 2024 (subject to availability of the global supply of the right alternative ingredient.)


*Reformulate All of our snacks to be non HFSS compliant by end of 2023


*Advocate Planetary Health Diet and Develop all of our Baby and Toddler meals inline with their guidelines