Good for Planet. Good for Me

We’ve joined forces with JB Gill and The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) to create this week-by-week programme to get little ones across the nation eating their way through a rainbow of nutritious and delicious fruit and veggies!

Each week there will be a new series of recipes and fun activities to try with your little one. From Bug Hotels, growing carrots, singing songs, plus healthy recipe ideas, fun plates and sensory games to play to help them become a 'Rainbow Explorer.'

Rainbow Wall Chart

You can use our rainbow wall chart to track your little ones progress as they journey to become a ‘Rainbow Explorer’.

Download and print a copy here

Week One - Red and Orange

We have a host of fun activities to help little ones explore these delicious fruits and vegetables, including a range of tasty recipes and fun plates, tomato and carrot games, red pepper top printing, seed planting and a carrot sing-a-long song!

Click here to find out more.

Week Two - Yellow & Green

Explore delicious fruits and veggies with our fun activities, including a range of recipes and fun plates, grapefruit and courgette games, apple printing, build your own bug hotel and bird feeder and a broccoli song!

Find out more here.

Week Three - Blue & Purple

This week we have more fun activities to help little ones explore fruits and vegetables including cabbage and beetroot games, making edible paint, and delicious recipes to try!

Take a peek here.

Week Four - The Rainbow

For our final week, celebrate with your new rainbow explorers by hosting a rainbow fruit & veggie themed party complete with a rainbow buffet and sing-a-long song!

Click here for the activities.

Rainbow Explorer Certificate

Once your rainbow explorer has completed our four week programme they deserve a big congratulations to show them how proud you are of all they have achieved!

Download, print off and personalise our Rainbow Explorer Certificate here.

Why Organic?

We're passionate about giving little ones the best start in life. This means choosing foods that are perfect for precious palates, whilst also choosing the best that the planet has to offer.

We believe that by making organic choices and shopping seasonally we can do what’s good for both the planet, AND good for you.

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